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2190127 Ontario Inc. 
Ontario, Canada

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First Class Energy Consultants has experience in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Texas, New York, Maryland, Ohio and Massachusetts and we are always looking for more consultants to help us expand our knowledge base. We have worked with suppliers such as Just Energy, Summitt Energy, Family Energy and SFE energy. If you have the skills and experience to consult in these highly competitive industries, please forward your resume.

First Class Energy Consultants take the guesswork out of your sales, marketing, and cusotmer related operations. Our analysis of your current team, customer service, sales method, territory, operating strategy, administration, and policies will provide you with key information to make strategic changes to improve your bottom line. We will take a snapshot of your current business model to identify areas of improvement, and we do it quickly. Each Consultant is hand-picked for your project and territory based on their experience and strengths. You will receive a detailed outline of your particular improvement strategy, and weekly reports to help you implement changes as soon as opportunities are identified. We will work with you to implement efficient effective change to get you to the top of your field. This is First Class Energy Consultants, and we want you to join the ranks of the best, and we'll work with you to get you there.